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  • Build your impressive US style resume & LinkedIn profile that gets you interviews
  • Find US companies hiring Australians on E-3 visas 
  • Get job referrals (even if you don't know people in the US) and build your US network 
  • Pitch the E-3 visa, so companies say yes!

+ you get these bonuses!

  • US resume template to fast track your resume creation
  • Example resumes from Aussies who landed jobs in the US
  • Our LinkedIn outreach template that gets you referrals
  • Top FAQs answered 

AND you'll gain so much confidence in your US job search!

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What People Are Saying:

I would 10/10 recommend this course! The insights Amy teaches are incredibly useful if you are looking to relocate to the U.S from Australia. Invest in the supercharge course - you won't regret it!


Amy's course gave me a ton of practical advice on scoring a new role after being laid off a month ago. I'm already in the US but there is still so much I didn't know about the job market and perfecting my resume. The section on how to find referrals through LinkedIn is particularly insightful and I already have a lead with Google as a result!


I've just finished the Supercharge Your Search course and I highly recommend it. I already I feel much more confident with my Resume and LinkedIn profile. It gave me simple, tangible things I could do to help make my applications more desirable for the US market.


Amy’s Supercharge your Search course for Aussies is THE one-stop-shop for advice on landing a job in the U.S. Being from Sydney, Australia with a limited understanding of the U.S. hiring process and connections in the U.S., this course has provided me with the knowledge I need to form a targeted strategy around my (job) search. If you are also embarking on your U.S. job search I highly recommend investing in Amy’s course. 11/10 - I can’t recommend it enough.


Highly recommend this course! Supercharge Your Search has helped me create a resume that I'm really proud of and highlights all the key points for the US job market. Amy has provided invaluable insights which have resulted in the expansion of my US network. Since starting this course I feel like I'm finally making progress on my job search.

Erin Dungen

I just completed the course & can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone starting out their job search. The content is truly invaluable & has given me the framework & strategy to land a job that I didn’t have prior. It’s packed full of insights with clear step-by-step instructions that have made a big impact. Before starting the course I never heard back from any of my applications & now I’m networking with U.S employers. I’m confident with each connection I make I’m closer than I’ve ever been to landing a role.

Craig Berry

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